Tentacularity is a tentacle sex puzzle game - guide the tentacles into the girls!

DLSite customers! If you bought Tentacularity through DLSite, you can download an uncensor patch free of charge here. Patches to run DLSite's Tentacularity build on Mac or Linux will be available upon request. If you bought Tentacularity through BMT Micro, it is already uncensored.

The full version of Tentacularity adds some new twists to the pipes puzzle genre - double penetration, rotatable tentacles, and of course the immovable tentacles that you are probably familiar with from less-pervy pipe games. It also features variable difficulty levels, depending on how much challenge you want with your tentacle porn.

Tentacularity has art starring Chelomnya and Michaela from our Yuri no Yume series and Oneko-chan from Catgirl Training, as well as new characters.

You can buy Tentacularity through BMT Micro: Windows version, Mac version, Linux version. Make sure you order the right version for your OS.

The demo is a free download - Windows / Linux / Mac

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