A kinetic novel featuring the hentai Professor and his naughty cat-slave Oneko-chan. She makes a mess and gets properly punished!

Uncensored version:

Purchase through BMT Micro (Windows/Mac/Linux combined version)

Legacy member downloads:
Windows version
Linux x86 version (Also works on AMD64 Linux)
Mac version (OS X 10.4 or better required. Now a universal binary - runs natively on Intel and PowerPC Macs.)
The Windows, Mac, and Linux versions all contain the same data.

The demo version is a free download.
Windows Demo
Linux Demo
Mac Demo

A mosaic-censored version of Catgirl Training is available through DLSite.

Purchase through DLSite (Mosaic-censored, Windows version.)
Purchase from DLSite Japan (Note: while the site is in Japanese, the game is still in English.)

If you have already purchased the mosaic version and would like an uncensor patch, contact us.